In this paper, the dynamics of the spatial impact of a slender beam is analyzed. The equations of motion are calculated using Kane’s impact method. The generalized momentum and generalized impulse of the beam are considered to find the equations of motion of the beam. The frictional phenomenon at the contact point is analyzed. For the case of impact without slipping, it is used the assumption that the tangential component of the velocity of separation is null. In the case with slipping, the tangential impulse (at the plane of impact) is computed. The sliding direction after impact is calculated. A simulation of the impact of beam with a surface is developed and the velocity of separation, force of impact and kinetic energy of the beam after impact are studied for different incident angles of the beam. The incident angle is varied from 0° to 57°. The results are function of the incident angle of impact. The results can be used to calculate the coefficient of restitution and friction for composite materials.

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