THOR is a next generation crash test dummy incorporating additional advanced instrumentation and improved biofidelity than the Hybrid III dummy. This paper describes the development and validation of a finite element model of the lower leg assembly of the THOR 50th percentile male. The lower leg assembly has one translational degree-of-freedom in the axial direction along the tibia, and three rotational degrees-of-freedom in the ankle area with respect to its knee joint. It also includes a representation of the Achilles tendon load path. Modeling approaches used to simulate these features are discussed. Material properties of individual deformable components and articulated joints, as well as overall dynamic model performance, are calibrated using results of physical tests that mimic the loading environments experienced by the lower leg and foot in typical vehicle crashes. The model provides a computational tool for studying lower extremity injuries, including that of foot and ankle, which have gained increasing attention in recent years.

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