It is well known that the disease of osteoarthritis (OA) deteriorates the lubrication properties of articular cartilage. Previous studies [1,2] have demonstrated that the coefficient of friction of rabbit knee cartilage increases significantly in OA models. The coefficient of start-up (static) friction in the normal canine knee joint has also been observed to increase with the duration of static loading [3], and further increases in the start-up friction of osteoarthritic cartilage were induced by surface abrasion and papain injection [4]. However, the change in the start-up friction due to OA disease induced by anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) transection (ACL transection model), has not been fully determined in previous studies, although such a model is considered to display symptoms similar to the clinical situation. Therefore, we investigated the effect of osteoarthritic deterioration on the start-up friction in the ACL transection OA model in the present study.

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