Various constitutive and fatigue-life predictive models for lead-tin solders in SBGA (Super Ball Grid Array) packages are studied and compared with the results from experimental data. Two solder compositions, 62Sn/36Pb/2Ag and 63Sn/37Pb are studied in this work. The fatigue life of 62Sn/36Pb/2Ag solder is studied using different constitutive models that take into consideration both the time-independent and time-dependent behavior of the solder. The fatigue life of 62Sn/36Pb/2Ag solder is predicted using an energy-based predictive model and compared with the experimental data. The choice of various predictive models on the solder joint life is studied using 63Sn/37Pb solder. Various predictive models, available in the literature, for eutectic and near eutectic solder compositions are studied to predict the fatigue life. Guidelines are provided for selecting constitutive and predictive models with appropriate damage metrics.

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