To upgrade the electrostatic force, movable devices in micro-electro-mechanical systems may require three-dimensional microstructures with large capacitive areas and vertical sidewalls with several hundred micrometers in height. The photoresist, NANO™ XP SU–8, can be implemented in the fabrication of high-aspect-ratio microstructures in low-cost MEMS production. In this study, using SU-8 as an electroplating mold, an improved method for consolidating the adhesion of the plated microstructures to the substrate is utilized. By constructing an embedded root as the substructure, this novel technique can greatly increase the thickness of the metal components, and simultaneously, the hard-to-strip crosslinked SU-8 may be removed completely. The fabrication of stators and bearing post for an electrostatic micro motor is used here to demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed method, where the structural height and the minimum gap of the stators are 300 μm and 50 μm, respectively. For comparison, some fabricated results of typical approaches by a heated remover to strip the cured SU-8 mold are also shown in this paper.

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