Direct Numerical Simulation (DNS) of fully developed turbulent flow in a flume was used to study the heat transfer near the wall. The Reynolds number has very weak influence on the turbulent heat transfer statistics (mean temperature, RMS-fluctuations, turbulent heat fluxes), therefore our goal was to analyze the influence of the increasing Prandtl number. Three different studies were performed at three different Prandtl numbers (Pr = 1, Pr = 5.4 and Pr = 54) at the same friction Reynolds number Reτ = 171. It should be emphasized that simulation with Pr = 54 cannot be called DNS due to the unresolved smallest thermal scales but results are in expected regions anyway. The obtained results at various Prandtl numbers also allowed us to make some predictions (RMS-fluctuations) for intermediate Prandtl numbers.

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