The present study deals with the transport phenomena of turbulent jet diffusion flames with air-suction flow and the possibility of extending the flame blow-off limits through the shear stress augmentation using the annular counterflow technique. The experimental apparatus employed here comprises a fuel nozzle placed at the center of a concentric annulus with an outer cylinder adopted to encompass the nozzle. Fuel jet is allowed to eject upwards and turbulent jet diffusion flames are formed by igniting the jet and by increasing the volume flow rates of fuel. It is found that (1) the augmentation of turbulent shear effect exerted on the shear layer formed between the jet flames and the opposed flow of air causes an extension of flame blowoff limits, (2) by using the annular counterflow technique, the flame lift-off height is suppressed than the normal diffusion flame, and (3) its height is correlated using the effective air-suction momentum flux proposed here.

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