R22 is the most widely employed HCFC working fluid in vapour compression plant. HCFCs must be replaced within 2020. Major problems arise with the substitution of the working fluids, related to the decrease in performance of the plant. Therefore, extremely accurate design procedures are needed. The relative sizing of each of the components of the plant is crucial for cycle performance. For this reason, the knowledge of the new fluids heat transfer characteristics in condensers and evaporators is required. The local heat transfer coefficients and pressure drop of pure R22 and of the azeotropic mixture R507 (R125-R143a 50%/50% in weight) have been measured during convective boiling. The test section is a smooth horizontal tube made of a with a 6 mm I.D. stainless steel tube, 6 m length, uniformly heated by Joule effect. The effects of heat flux, mass flux and evaporation pressure on the heat transfer coefficients are investigated. The evaporating pressure varies within the range 3 ÷10 bar, the refrigerant mass flux within the range 200 ÷ 1000 kg/m2s, the heat flux within 0 ÷ 44 kW/m2. A comparison have been carried out between the experimental data and those predicted by means of the most credited literature relationships.

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