The problem of gas jet impingement on a surface has many applications in the processing and manufacturing industries, ranging from convective heat exchange in a variety of practical implementations to surface coating. The present basic research work considers two air jets, exiting from two slots and impinging on a target solid surface, heated with constant heat flux. The jet impingement arrangement is attractive due to its simplicity and to the high convective heat transfer coefficients it yields, corresponding to high heat fluxes. The simulations of this process are conducted using an improved Smooth Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH) methodology. The simulation of an array of two slot jets impingement focuses on the investigation of the flow field and the energy exchange between jets and surface, with an emphasis on the oscillatory characteristics of the two jets relative to one another. The effect of the main problem parameters is examined within the paper. The strong aerodynamic and thermal interaction that exists between the gaseous jets and the impingement surface leads to non-linear system responses; their dynamic behavior and heat transfer implications are also discussed in the paper. The numerical results indicate that within the investigated parametric domain, the phase angle difference between the two jets and the amplitude of the pulsation have a significant effect on the surface temperature and overall heat transfer.

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