The two position solenoid operated cartridge valve is widely used in the applications, such as process control systems, pavers, agricultural machinery, where response and installed costs are more important than precise control through electronic position feedback. In recent years, the combination of multiple cartridge valves, so called ‘smart valve’ or ‘programmable valve’, which is able to break the mechanical linkage between the meter-in and meter-out orifices and enables high precision control as well as optimal usage of energy, is gaining engineering interests. But the control of such combination is far from trivial. It demands good knowledge of the valve dynamics and nonlinear flow properties. Unlike servo valve or proportional directional control valve, a mathematic model of solenoid operated cartridge valve, or even a thorough understanding of the dynamics and nonlinear performance, are not available. This paper presents an EASY 5 model for the two position solenoid operated cartridge valve. The model, which includes the solenoid force, spring force, damping force, flow force and nonlinear mass flow rate, can be used to analyze cartridge valve as well as simulate system or controller performance. It is also able to connect with Matlab for more complicated simulation.

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