Sub-surface cracks in pipelines with internal pressure may severely affect their dynamic response. The extreme cases of these cracks are when these cracks go through the thickness of the pipes. Dynamic responses of cracked and un-cracked pipes with fixed ends and under various internal pressures were evaluated experimentally and theoretically. In the experimental part, the effects of pipe internal pressure on the resonant frequencies and damping of the pipe were evaluated. In the theoretical part, finite element analyses were performed to find dynamic response of pipes with various crack length and orientation respect to the axis of the pipe. The experimental results showed resonant frequencies of the pipe are little sensitive to the pipe internal pressure. Similar results were obtained from the theoretical investigations. An axial crack had little effect on the pipe resonant frequencies. In contrast, cracks oriented at an angle to the axis of the pipe had a pronounced effect on some of the resonant frequencies of the pipe. This depended on the crack location in a particular mode shapes. For frequencies where the nodal point of the mode shape was located on the crack region, the frequencies were not significantly affected by the presence of the crack in the pipe. Furthermore, it was observed that the pipe internal pressure had little effect on the resonant frequencies of the cracked pipes.

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