In this paper, the influence of large particles on the contact force net-work (structure) and their impact on the macroscopic shear resistance of a slowly sheared dense granular medium three dimensional) having a binary size distribution is presented. The evolution of deviator fabric tensor of the ‘strong’ and ‘weak’ contacts in the granular assembly is presented here. The ability of the granular material to establish a strongly anisotropic force net-work of strong contacts is ‘diluted’ by the presence of large particles during shearing. Previous studies [for example, Antony, S. J., 2001, Physical Review E, 63, 011302 and references there in] have shown that the shear strength of granular materials subjected to slow shearing depends on the ability of the material to built up a strongly anisotropic net work of contacts carrying strong (greater than average) contact normal force.

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