The paper presents a thorough numerical investigation of the effects of radiation and induced convection inside an enclosure. The objective is to assess the interaction of these two mechanisms in real size buildings with heating elements inside.

As a first step, a small size model is studied. The investigation is performed for closed and partially open enclosures. Temperature distributions and flow fields inside the enclosure are obtained for different values of the heat-transfer parameters, like emissivity of the hot element and the walls, and the thermal resistance of the walls. It is shown that radiation can considerably affect the air flow inside the enclosure. Real-size structures, where turbulent flow prevails, are compared to the model.

Three-dimensional simulations are performed. The influence of grid refinement on the results is discussed. The results obtained for a uniform grid are compared to those for a non-uniform one, having higher density at the boundaries. Special attention is paid to the radiation modeling, where the influence of angular discretization is important.

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