This study deals with the stress analysis and the strength evaluation of a bonded shrink fitted joint of circular pipes subjected to an internal pressure and a tensile load. In the analysis, two pipes and the adhesive are replaced with finite hollow cylinders, and the stress distributions in the joint are analyzed by using the axisymmetric theory of elasticity. From the numerical calculations, the following results are obtained: (1) Both the compressive and shear stresses at the interface between the adherend and the adhesive increase as Young’s modulus of the adherend increases. (2) The stress becomes singular at the edges of the interfaces. (3) The joint strength can be evaluated using the compressive and shear stresses near the edge of the interface. In the experiments, bonded shrink fitted joints consisting of dissimilar circular pipes were manufactured, and rupture tests of the joints were carried out by applying an internal pressure, and a tensile load to the joints. From the results, the joint strength of the bonded shrink fitted joint was found to be greater than that of the shrink fitted joint. Furthermore, the numerical results are in fairly good agreement with the experimental ones.

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