Swept volume study plays an important role in manufacturing. As an application, a collaborative effort has been made to construct an integrated simulation system to validate the enhanced machine controllers (EMC) developed at the National Institute of Standards and Technology. Commercial NC simulation packages available assume ideal controller behavior, i.e., a linear cut is exactly linear, a circular cut is exactly circulate, and all axes are linear and orthogonal. But for the EMC problem it is an opposite situation: it is assumed that the controller inputs (i.e., numerical control programs) are correct, and the controller itself needs to be proven. In this paper, commercial CAD/CAM packages and research on swept volume are integrated to develop an EMC simulation system in which tool configurations, swept volumes and final machined parts are displayed in a superior 3D graphics environment. Unlike the commercial NC simulation packages, the developed EMC simulation system includes all the effects of the controller and machine tool, so that errors in the trajectory-blending algorithm appear on the stock, improperly tuned servos would show oscillation, and nonlinear axes would show tolerance violation.

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