A novel protein arraying method is proposed by utilizing micro stamps to spot proteins on a bio-absorption surface. The method can pick up various protein solutions to spot onto a desired substrate for protein immobilization. The fabrication process of the micro stamp combines surface micromachining and molding process. Successful transfer of BSA protein solution onto a PVDF (Polyvinylidene difluoride) surface has been demonstrated by using the micro fabricated stamps. The size of stamped protein spot in this stage is about 20–50% larger than that of the stamp. To quickly verify the protein binding ability to two different substrates: PVDF and PhastGel® Pad, a chopstick system is used to pickup protein solution for stamping. Result shows that appreciable amount protein retention is achieved for at least 6 hours on both substrates. Improved spotting size and position control on micro stamping process has also been carried out by stamp surface coating with aluminum/aluminum oxide and stamp picking up protein-solutions from a protein-solution pre-wetted clean room tissue.

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