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Proceedings Papers

Advances in Bioengineering

Student Paper Competition: Bachelor’s Level

Student Paper Competition: Master’s Level

Student Paper Competition: Doctoral Level

Vessel Wall and Fluid Mechanics

Heart Valves and Cardiac Modeling

Validation and Optimization of Computational Fluid Mechanics

Pulmonary and Respiratory Fluid Mechanics

Cellular and Tissue Engineering

Clinical Applications of CFD, Visualization and Virtual Reality

Catheters and Perfusion Devices in Vascular Applications

Impact Biomechanics

Lumbar Spine Mechanics

Spine Mechanics

Cervical Spine Mechanics

Joint Mechanics

Joint Replacement

Fiber Reinforced Models for Soft Tissues

Viscoelastic Models for Soft Tissues

Porous Media Models for Soft Tissues

Cartilage Mechanics

Bone Mechanics

Solid Mechanics Miscellaneous

Joint Replacement and Implants: Design and Performance Analysis

Prothetics and Orthotics

Symposium on Dynamics, Control and Design of Biomedical Systems: Gait and Control

Mechanics of Remodeling Tissue

Wear and Fixation of Artificial Joints

Poster Session

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