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Proceedings Papers

Volume 5: Dynamics, Vibration, and Control

Front Matter

IMECE 2022; V005T00A001

Dynamics, Vibration, and Control

100th Anniversary of the Timoshenko-Ehrenfest Beam Model

Topics: Elasticity

Congress-Wide Symposium on NDE & SHM: Dynamics, Vibration, and Control for Structural Health Monitoring Applications

Control Theory and Applications

Design and Control of Robots, Mechanisms, and Structures

Topics: Robots

Dynamics and Control of Soft Structures

Fluid-Structure Interaction

General Dynamics, Vibration, and Control

Industrial Applications in Dynamics, Vibrations, and Control

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in Dynamics and Vibrations

Marine Electromechanical Systems and Ocean Mechatronics

Mobile Robots and Unmanned Ground Vehicles

Modeling and Design Advances of Rotating Structures

Multi-Field Coupling and Control

Multibody Dynamic Systems and Applications

Nonlinear Dynamics, Control, and Stochastic Mechanics

Novel Control of Dynamic System and Design

Optimization, Uncertainty, and Probability

Renewable Energy, Structural Health Monitoring, and Distributed Structural Systems

Smart Structures and Structronic Systems: Sensing, Energy Generation, and Control

Vibrations of Continuous Systems

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