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Proceedings Papers

Proceedings Volume Cover
ASME 2021 International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition
November 1–5, 2021
Virtual, Online
Conference Sponsors:
  • ASME
In This Volume
Volume 12: Mechanics of Solids, Structures, and Fluids; Micro- and Nano- Systems Engineering and Packaging

Front Matter

IMECE 2021; V012T00A001doi:

Mechanics of Solids, Structures, and Fluids

3D Printed Soft Materials

IMECE 2021; V012T12A001doi:

Advances in Experimental Mechanics

IMECE 2021; V012T12A002doi:

Computational Modeling of Extreme Events

IMECE 2021; V012T12A003doi:
IMECE 2021; V012T12A004doi:

Congress-Wide Symposium on NDE and SHM: Fatigue and Fracture Evaluation and Quantification for Failure Analysis

IMECE 2021; V012T12A005doi:
IMECE 2021; V012T12A006doi:
IMECE 2021; V012T12A007doi:
IMECE 2021; V012T12A008doi:

Data-Enabled Predictive Modeling, Machine Learning, and Uncertainty Quantification in Computational Mechanics

IMECE 2021; V012T12A009doi:
IMECE 2021; V012T12A010doi:
IMECE 2021; V012T12A011doi:
IMECE 2021; V012T12A012doi:
IMECE 2021; V012T12A013doi:

Dynamic Failure of Materials and Structures

IMECE 2021; V012T12A014doi:
IMECE 2021; V012T12A015doi:
IMECE 2021; V012T12A016doi:
IMECE 2021; V012T12A017doi:
IMECE 2021; V012T12A018doi:
IMECE 2021; V012T12A019doi:
IMECE 2021; V012T12A020doi:
IMECE 2021; V012T12A021doi:
IMECE 2021; V012T12A022doi:

Emerging Topology and Shape Optimization Techniques in Computational Design of Materials and Structures

IMECE 2021; V012T12A023doi:
IMECE 2021; V012T12A024doi:

General Session

IMECE 2021; V012T12A025doi:
IMECE 2021; V012T12A026doi:
IMECE 2021; V012T12A027doi:
IMECE 2021; V012T12A028doi:
IMECE 2021; V012T12A029doi:
IMECE 2021; V012T12A030doi:

High-Performance Nanocomposite Materials Systems

IMECE 2021; V012T12A031doi:

Mechanical Characterization in Extreme Environments

IMECE 2021; V012T12A032doi:

Mechanics and Design of Cellular Materials

IMECE 2021; V012T12A033doi:
IMECE 2021; V012T12A034doi:
IMECE 2021; V012T12A035doi:
IMECE 2021; V012T12A036doi:

Mechanics of Soft Materials

IMECE 2021; V012T12A037doi:
IMECE 2021; V012T12A038doi:
IMECE 2021; V012T12A039doi:
IMECE 2021; V012T12A040doi:

Mini-Symposium on Peridynamic Modeling of Materials’ Behavior

IMECE 2021; V012T12A041doi:

Multi-Scale Computations in Fluids, Structures, and Materials

IMECE 2021; V012T12A042doi:
IMECE 2021; V012T12A043doi:
IMECE 2021; V012T12A044doi:

Multiscale Models and Experimental Techniques for Composite Materials and Structures

IMECE 2021; V012T12A045doi:
IMECE 2021; V012T12A046doi:
IMECE 2021; V012T12A047doi:

Peridynamic Modeling of Materials’ Behavior

IMECE 2021; V012T12A048doi:

Recent Advances and Applications in Meshfree and Particle Methods

IMECE 2021; V012T12A049doi:

Symposium on Fracture and Failure of Reinforced Polymer Matrix Composite Materials

IMECE 2021; V012T12A050doi:

Symposium on Modeling of the Fracture, Failure, and Fatigue in Solids

IMECE 2021; V012T12A051doi:
IMECE 2021; V012T12A052doi:
IMECE 2021; V012T12A053doi:
IMECE 2021; V012T12A054doi:
IMECE 2021; V012T12A055doi:
IMECE 2021; V012T12A056doi:
IMECE 2021; V012T12A057doi:

Micro- and Nano- Systems Engineering and Packaging

Applications of Micro and Nano Systems in Medicine and Biology

IMECE 2021; V012T13A001doi:

Applied Mechanics and Materials in Micro- and Nano-Systems

IMECE 2021; V012T13A002doi:

Computational Studies on MEMS and Nanostructures

IMECE 2021; V012T13A003doi:
IMECE 2021; V012T13A004doi:

Design and Fabrication, Analysis, Processes, and Technology for Micro and Nano Devices and Systems

IMECE 2021; V012T13A005doi:
IMECE 2021; V012T13A006doi:

Micro and Nano Devices

IMECE 2021; V012T13A007doi:
IMECE 2021; V012T13A008doi:
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