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Proceedings Papers

Proceedings Volume Cover
ASME 2020 International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition
November 16–19, 2020
Virtual, Online
Conference Sponsors:
  • ASME
Volume 11: Heat Transfer and Thermal Engineering

Heat Transfer and Thermal Engineering

CMS: Applied Combustion

IMECE 2020; V011T11A001doi:

CMS: Combustion Power Systems

IMECE 2020; V011T11A002doi:

CMS: Fundamental Processes — Laminar and Turbulent Flames

IMECE 2020; V011T11A003doi:

CMS: Sprays and Emissions

IMECE 2020; V011T11A004doi:

Computational Heat Transfer for Electronic Thermal Management

IMECE 2020; V011T11A005doi:

Electronics Thermal Management

IMECE 2020; V011T11A006doi:
IMECE 2020; V011T11A007doi:
IMECE 2020; V011T11A008doi:
IMECE 2020; V011T11A009doi:

Evaporation and Condensation Heat Transfer

IMECE 2020; V011T11A010doi:
IMECE 2020; V011T11A011doi:

Fundamentals of Freezing and Melting

IMECE 2020; V011T11A012doi:
IMECE 2020; V011T11A013doi:
IMECE 2020; V011T11A014doi:

Fundamentals of Phonon and Electron Scattering and Transport

IMECE 2020; V011T11A015doi:
IMECE 2020; V011T11A016doi:

Fundamentals of Single Phase Convection

IMECE 2020; V011T11A017doi:
IMECE 2020; V011T11A018doi:
IMECE 2020; V011T11A019doi:

Heat and Mass Transfer in Biological Systems

IMECE 2020; V011T11A020doi:
IMECE 2020; V011T11A021doi:
IMECE 2020; V011T11A022doi:

Heat Pipes and Vapor Chambers

IMECE 2020; V011T11A023doi:
IMECE 2020; V011T11A024doi:
IMECE 2020; V011T11A025doi:

Heat Transfer Analysis in Waste Heat Recovery Systems

IMECE 2020; V011T11A026doi:
IMECE 2020; V011T11A027doi:
IMECE 2020; V011T11A028doi:

Heat Transfer in Power and Refrigeration Systems

IMECE 2020; V011T11A029doi:

Heat Transfer in Solar Power Systems

IMECE 2020; V011T11A030doi:
IMECE 2020; V011T11A031doi:
IMECE 2020; V011T11A032doi:
IMECE 2020; V011T11A033doi:

Heat Transfer Under Extreme Conditions of Temperature and Pressure

IMECE 2020; V011T11A034doi:

Methods in Computational Heat Transfer

IMECE 2020; V011T11A035doi:
IMECE 2020; V011T11A036doi:
IMECE 2020; V011T11A037doi:
IMECE 2020; V011T11A038doi:

Micro/Nanoscale Phase Change Heat Transfer

IMECE 2020; V011T11A039doi:

Modeling and Simulation Method

IMECE 2020; V011T11A040doi:
IMECE 2020; V011T11A041doi:

Nanoscale Thermal Transport for Energy Systems

IMECE 2020; V011T11A042doi:

Numerical Analysis and Performance Assessment of Energy Systems

IMECE 2020; V011T11A043doi:
IMECE 2020; V011T11A044doi:
IMECE 2020; V011T11A045doi:
IMECE 2020; V011T11A046doi:
IMECE 2020; V011T11A047doi:
IMECE 2020; V011T11A048doi:

Posters Related to Heat Transfer and Thermal Engineering

IMECE 2020; V011T11A049doi:

Radiation Heat Transfer and Radiation Properties

IMECE 2020; V011T11A050doi:

Single Phase Enhanced Heat Transfer Equipment

IMECE 2020; V011T11A051doi:

Thermophysical Properties of Advanced Energy Storage Materials

IMECE 2020; V011T11A052doi:

Water and Energy Conservation System

IMECE 2020; V011T11A053doi:
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