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Proceedings Papers

Volume 7: Fluids Engineering

Fluids Engineering

11th Forum on Fluid Measurements and Instrumentation

14th Forum on Recent Developments in Multiphase Flow

16th Symposium on Electric, Magnetic, and Thermal Phenomena in Micro and Nano-Scale Systems

18th International Symposium on Measurement and Modeling of Environmental Flows

24th Symposium on Fundamental Issues and Perspectives in Fluid Mechanics

25th Symposium on Fluid Mechanics and Rheology of Nonlinear Materials and Complex Fluids

27th Symposium on Industrial Flows

Microfluidics 2018: Fluid Engineering in Micro- and Nanosystems


Symposium on CFD Applications for Optimization and Controls

Symposium on Wind Turbines Aerodynamics and Control

Young Engineers Paper (YEP) Contest

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