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Proceedings Papers

Volume 14: Emerging Technologies; Engineering Management, Safety, Ethics, Society, and Education; Materials: Genetics to Structures

Emerging Technologies

Emerging Technologies in Mechanisms and NDE/SHM

Innovative Sensor and Sensing Technologies in NDE/SHM

Engineering Management, Safety, Ethics, Society, and Education

Engineering Management


Safety Engineering and Risk Analysis

Technology and Society and Societal and Ethical Dimensions of Engineering Education and Practice

Materials: Genetics to Structures

Bioinspired Materials and Structures

Computational Modeling of Microstructural Evolution II

Fatigue and Fracture of Joining Methods for Lightweight Materials

Innovations in Processing, Characterization and Applications of Bioengineered Materials

Materials Processing and Characterization

Modeling and Experimental Characterization for the Behavior of the Micro/Nanoscale Thin Films

Modeling of Multifunctional Materials

Nanoengineered, Hierarchical and Multi-Scale Materials

Processing-Structure-Property Relationships of Polymers and Composites

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