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Proceedings Papers

Volume 4: Dynamics, Control and Uncertainty, Parts A and B

Dynamics, Control, and Uncertainty

Applied Stochastic, Optimization, Uncertainty and Probability

Chaos, Complexity and Synchronization in Dynamical Systems

Controls Theory and Application

Design and Control of Mechanisms and Robots

Dynamics and Control in Micro/Nano Engineering

Dynamics and Vibration for Design

Dynamics Modeling, Theory, and Application

Dynamics, Control, and Design in Micro/Nano Machining

Topics: Stability

Impact Dynamics and Mechanics

Modeling for Control, Diagnostics and Prognostics of Systems

Nonlinear Dynamics, Control, and Stochastic Mechanics

Optimal Approaches in Nonlinear Dynamics and Acoustics


Symposium on Multibody Systems: Theory and Applications

Symposium on Renewable Energy, Structural Health Monitoring, and Distributed Structural Systems

Vibration and Noise Control and Damping Technologies

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