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Proceedings Papers

Volume 1: Advances in Aerospace Technology; Energy Water Nexus; Globalization of Engineering; Posters

Advances in Aerospace Technology

Advances in Gas Turbine Technology

Advances in Propulsion

Advances in Structure Design and Optimization

Aerodynamics — High and Low Speeds

Aerospace Structures and Materials

Aerospace Thermal Control

Sandwich Structures, Stability and Identification (Symposium in Memory of Prof. M. Baruch)

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Energy Water Nexus

Design Papers: Power Plant Cooling

Technical Papers: General Energy Water Nexus

Globalization of Engineering

Engineering Management

Technology and Society


ASME Society-Wide Micro and Nano Technology Forum

Emerging Researchers in Biomedical Engineering

General Interest Topics

New Technology Developments for Energy Systems and Energy Related Applications

Transformative Research Along Multidisciplinary Boundaries

Topics: Sports
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