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Proceedings Papers

Volume 8: Dynamic Systems and Control, Parts A and B

Dynamic Systems and Control

Dynamics and Vibrations of Defective Structures


Topics: Errors

Optimal Approaches in Nonlinear Dynamics and Acoustics

Symposium on Dynamics and Control in Micro/Nano Engineering

Symposium on Dynamics and Control of Mechanisms and Robots

Symposium on Dynamics, Acoustics and Simulations

Symposium on Nonlinear Dynamics, Control, and Stochastic Mechanics

IMECE 2010; 991-1000doi:
IMECE 2010; 1001-1007doi:
IMECE 2010; 1009-1015doi:
IMECE 2010; 1017-1025doi:
IMECE 2010; 1027-1032doi:
IMECE 2010; 1033-1039doi:
IMECE 2010; 1041-1046doi:
IMECE 2010; 1047-1056doi:
IMECE 2010; 1057-1065doi:

Symposium on Vibration of Distributed Structural Systems and Vibration-Based Damage Detection

IMECE 2010; 1067-1076doi:
IMECE 2010; 1077-1083doi:
IMECE 2010; 1085-1097doi:
IMECE 2010; 1099-1104doi:
IMECE 2010; 1105-1114doi:
IMECE 2010; 1115-1127doi:
IMECE 2010; 1129-1136doi:
IMECE 2010; 1137-1163doi:
IMECE 2010; 1165-1173doi:
IMECE 2010; 1175-1179doi:
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