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Proceedings Papers

Volume 5: Energy Systems Analysis, Thermodynamics and Sustainability; NanoEngineering for Energy; Engineering to Address Climate Change, Parts A and B

Energy Systems Analysis, Thermodynamics and Sustainability

Biofuels and Biological Pathways to Energy Sources (Production, Utilization, and Analysis)

Compressor Application

Design and Analysis of Complex Energy Conversion Systems

Emerging Energy Technologies for the 21st Century

Energy Systems and the Environment

Fundamentals of Thermodynamics and Thermoeconomics


Heat Pump, CHP and CCHP Technology

Hydrogen Energy Technologies

Low and High Temperature Fuel Cell Analysis

Performance of Miniature Energy Systems

Solar, Wind, Geothermal and Water Energy Systems

Sustainable Products and Processes - General

Thermal Management of Energy Systems

Water Technology Applications

NanoEngineering for Energy


Mechanical, Thermal, Electrical, and Optical Properties in Nanostructures

Engineering to Address Climate Change


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