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Proceedings Papers

Volume 3: Design and Manufacturing, Parts A and B

Design and Manufacturing

Advances in Material Forming and Applications

CAE Simulations

Design and Manufacturing of Composites

Energy Systems Design (Wind, Wave, Geothermal, Solar and Micro Generators)

Topics: Innovation

Information Based Design and Manufacturing

Topics: Design

Joining Technologies for Advanced Materials and Structures

Machine Design

Materials in Engineering Applications

Modeling, Computations and Innovations in Complex Manufacturing

IMECE 2010; 999-1005doi:
IMECE 2010; 1007-1017doi:
IMECE 2010; 1019-1024doi:
IMECE 2010; 1025-1030doi:
IMECE 2010; 1031-1035doi:
IMECE 2010; 1037-1047doi:

Tooling and Rapid Prototyping

IMECE 2010; 1049-1053doi:
IMECE 2010; 1055-1063doi:
IMECE 2010; 1065-1072doi:
IMECE 2010; 1073-1082doi:
IMECE 2010; 1083-1088doi:

Topology Optimization

IMECE 2010; 1089-1098doi:
IMECE 2010; 1099-1107doi:
IMECE 2010; 1109-1118doi:
IMECE 2010; 1119-1125doi:
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