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Proceedings Papers

Volume 10: Mechanical Systems and Control, Parts A and B

Mechanical Systems and Control

Design and Control of Mechanisms and Robots

Modeling, Design, and Control of Systems


Reduced Order Modeling and Diagnostics for Multi-Physics Dynamical Systems

Symposium on Nonlinear Dynamics, Control, and Stochastic Mechanics

Symposium on Nonlinear Phenomena in Wave Propagation and Acoustics

Topics: Vehicles

Symposium on Stability, Structural Reliability and Random Vibrations in Honor of Prof. Isaac Elishakoff

Vibration and Control of Mechanical Systems

IMECE 2009; 997-1006doi:
IMECE 2009; 1007-1016doi:
IMECE 2009; 1017-1022doi:
IMECE 2009; 1023-1030doi:
IMECE 2009; 1031-1039doi:
IMECE 2009; 1041-1047doi:
IMECE 2009; 1049-1054doi:
IMECE 2009; 1055-1061doi:
IMECE 2009; 1063-1072doi:
IMECE 2009; 1073-1076doi:
IMECE 2009; 1077-1082doi:
IMECE 2009; 1083-1091doi:
IMECE 2009; 1093-1100doi:
IMECE 2009; 1101-1113doi:
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