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Proceedings Papers

Volume 11: Micro and Nano Systems, Parts A and B

Micro and Nano Systems

5th Symposium on Electric, Magnetic and Thermal Phenomena in Micro- and Nano-Scale Systems

Applied Mechanics and Materials


Design, Dynamics and Controls of Micro/Nano Systems

Engineering Applications of Nanostructured Particles

Fabrication, Testing and Reliability of Microsystems

Gas-Liquid and Phase-Change Flows at Macro- and Micro-Scales

Micro and Nano Devices

Micro- and Nano-Scale Heat Transfer

Microfluidics 2007: Fluid Engineering in Micro- and Nanosystems

Microfluidics and Thermal Science

Nano Scale Thermal Systems


Symposium on Evolution and Mechanics of Micro/Nano Structures

Symposium on Multiphysics of Micro and Nanoscale Materials

Thermal Processing of Nanostructured Materials

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