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Proceedings Papers

Materials, Nondestructive Evaluation, and Pressure Vessels and Piping


Advances in Materials Processing Science

Advances in Processing of Advanced Materials for Challenging Environments

Applications of Composites in Biomaterials and Bioengineering

Cellular, Microcellular and Nanocellular Polymers

Constitutive Equations

Design and Manufacturing of Composites


Interfaces in Heterogeneous Materials Systems

Materials and Response to Extreme Events: Ballistics, Blast, Fire, and Crash

Multi-field Interactions in Micro/Nano and Organic Materials

Multifunctional Materials

Nanocomposites Fabrication and Characterization

Polymeric Materials

Small Scale Structures in Electronic Materials

Structure Properties of Polymers

Nondestructive Evaluation


Structural Health Monitoring

Pressure Vessels and Piping

Mechanical, Fracture, and Fatigue Behavior of Materials in Hydrogen

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