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Proceedings Papers

Design Engineering and Computers and Information in Engineering, Parts A and B

Design Engineering

Design, Dynamics and Controls of Micro/Nano Systems (Symposium Organized by the MNS Technical Committee Jointly With the MEMS Division)

Eighth VDC Annual Symposium on "Advanced Vehicle Technologies"

Topics: Vehicles

Symposium on Design for Manufacturing

Symposium on Dynamics, Acoustics and Simulations

Symposium on Dynamics, Identification and Experiments (TCVS)

Symposium on Joining Technologies for Advanced Materials and Structures

Symposium on Reliability, Stress Analysis, and Failure Prevention

IMECE 2006; 987-1000doi:
IMECE 2006; 1001-1005doi:
IMECE 2006; 1007-1012doi:
IMECE 2006; 1013-1020doi:
IMECE 2006; 1021-1028doi:
IMECE 2006; 1029-1038doi:
IMECE 2006; 1039-1051doi:
IMECE 2006; 1053-1062doi:
IMECE 2006; 1063-1072doi:
IMECE 2006; 1073-1080doi:
IMECE 2006; 1081-1091doi:

Computers and Information in Engineering

Computers and Information in Engineering

IMECE 2006; 1095-1104doi:
IMECE 2006; 1105-1112doi:
IMECE 2006; 1113-1119doi:
IMECE 2006; 1121-1129doi:
IMECE 2006; 1131-1139doi:
IMECE 2006; 1141-1148doi:
IMECE 2006; 1149-1157doi:
IMECE 2006; 1159-1163doi:
IMECE 2006; 1165-1173doi:
IMECE 2006; 1175-1183doi:
IMECE 2006; 1185-1195doi:
IMECE 2006; 1197-1210doi:
IMECE 2006; 1211-1218doi:
IMECE 2006; 1219-1225doi:
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