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Proceedings Papers

Manufacturing Engineering and Materials Handling Engineering

Manufacturing Engineering

Advanced Condition Monitoring and Maintenance Technologies

Advances in Materials Joining Technology

Advances in Nontraditional Manufacturing

Computational Geometry in Design and Manufacturing

Configuration Design and Management for Manufacturing Equipment

Control of Manufacturing Machines, Processes, and Systems

Emerging Technologies in Manufacturing

Environmental Issues in the Product Life-Cycle

Topics: Machining


Manufacturing Systems

Material Forming: Design, Processing and Characterization

Mechanics and Tribology of High Speed Machining

Surface Quality — Modeling, Analysis and Measurement

The Influence of Process Dynamics on Traditionally Machined Surfaces

IMECE 2004; 993-1000doi:
IMECE 2004; 1001-1009doi:
IMECE 2004; 1011-1018doi:
IMECE 2004; 1019-1025doi:
IMECE 2004; 1027-1033doi:

Materials Handling Engineering

Virtual Manufacturing and Materials Handling

IMECE 2004; 1037-1043doi:
IMECE 2004; 1045-1050doi:
IMECE 2004; 1051-1058doi:
IMECE 2004; 1059-1067doi:



IMECE 2004; 1068-1071doi:
IMECE 2004; 1072-1077doi:
IMECE 2004; 1078-1088doi:
IMECE 2004; 1089-1098doi:
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