Frictional losses in an IC engine are observed between 17–19% of total induced horsepower. 35–45% frictional losses observed due to piston ring assembly only from the above-referred total frictional loss. Lubrication system is for reducing the frictional losses and under the total hydrodynamic lubrication system, if made it feasible, above referred losses can be reduced considerably. Wear normally observed at TDC and BDC during the power stroke. Experimental set-up is prepared by using used piston-cylinder assembly of an engine. Experiment methodology is adopted based on certain assumption and simulated the entire system with an extra drive system by an electric motor with a provision of various speed availability. Various pockets on cylinder liner of 2mm diameter are located on the periphery of cylinder liner to offer lubrication to the system. Care was taken to control the rate of lubrication flow with the help of control knob. Seven different profiles on piston ring were generated and measured. Friction force is calculated by power consumption measurement under different dynamic condition with a variation of 5-speed, 3- lubricants and different 8- types of piston ring geometry are experimented under different combination and results are tabulated. Graphs are plotted for friction force v/s speed for different lubricants and piston ring profiles. Effect of lubricants (SAE30, 15W40& 2T) and ring geometry are compared.

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