This study is devoted to evaluate the performance of an automatic ball-type balance system (ABB) installed in optical disk drives (ODD) with consideration of the rolling friction between the balancing balls and the ball-containing race of the ABB. Researches have been conducted to study the performance of the ABB by investigating the nonlinear dynamics of the system; however, the rolling friction model adopted was a simple stick-slip type, which does not reflect the true contact dynamics between rolling balls and their races, leading to an inaccuracy in predicting ABB performance. In this study, a complete dynamic model of the ABB including a detailed rolling friction model based on contact mechanics is established. The method of multiple scales is then applied to formulate a scaled model to find all possible steady-state ball positions and analyze stabilities. It is found that possible steady-state residing positions of the ball inside the race are multiple and form continuous ranges. Numerical simulations and experiments are conducted to verify the validness of the theoretical findings. The obtained results are used to predict the level of residual vibration, with which the guidelines on dimension design and material choices of the ABB are distilled to achieve desired performance.

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