Direct lubrication tilting pad journal bearings (DLTPJ bearings) have rarely been applied to large scale rotating machinery, such as turbines or generators whose journal diameters are more than 500mm. In this paper, static and dynamic characteristics of a 580mm (22.8in.) diameter DLTPJ bearing were studied experimentally using a full scale bearing test rig. In the static test, distribution of metal temperature, oil film pressure and bearing loss were measured in changing oil flow rate, with mean bearing pressure ranging up to 2.9MPa. Maximum metal temperature of DLTPJ bearing was compared to that of conventional flood lubrication bearing, and it was confirmed that the direct lubrication can increase load capacity. In the dynamic test, spring and damping coefficients of oil film were obtained by exciting the bearing casing that was floated by air bellows. These data will be used for analysis and design of steam turbine rotors and their bearing systems. Also, vibration of pads was investigated, because metal failure on upper pads due to vibration has been found in some actual machines. In order to generate oil film pressure on the surface of upper pads, Rayleigh-Step was machined there. And it was confirmed that vibration was reduced by Rayleigh-step.

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