Micro sleeve bearings intended for micro rotational machinery were fabricated by X-ray lithography and Ni electroplating. Coated to the working surfaces of the bearings was a 900nm thick uniform tungsten hydrocarbon (W-C:H) coating using an inductively coupled plasma (ICP) assisted, hybrid chemical vapor deposition (CVD)/physical vapor deposition (PVD) tool. Tribological characteristics and mechanical properties of as-electrodeposited Ni micro bearings, annealed Ni micro bearings at 800°C, and W-C:H coated micro bearings were investigated. Potential applications of the micro bearings may involve very light contact pressure (5∼30MPa) and high sliding speed, such as micro motors and micro turbines. Conventional pin-on disc test methods on top flat surfaces, (001) planes, cannot effectively predict tribological characteristics because these micro bearings use the sidewall (110 plane) as a working surface. A special micro wear tester and friction tester were developed. Surface morphologies of new and worn bearing surfaces were studied using SEM. Raman Spectroscopy and X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (XPS) characterized the W-C:H coated micro bearings. Test results of the W-C:H coated micro bearings (wear characteristics and friction) are also presented. W-C:H coated micro bearings had much lower wear rate than uncoated bearings. During the wear test, a transfer layer formed on the counter steel shaft even under very small contact pressure, leading to low steady state friction and high wear resistance.

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