For most composite and mono-crystal materials their compositions or the elaboration and manufacturing processes imply that it exists one or two main directions or even a general anisotropy. Moreover, coatings are often used to prevent or control wear. Coatings do not have, generally, the same properties as the substrate and may have various thicknesses. The influence of the anisotropy orientations (in the coating and in the substrate) have to be taken into account to better predict the distribution of the contact pressure and the subsurface stress-field in order to optimize the service life of industrial components. A contact model using semi analytical methods, relying on elementary analytical solutions, has been developed. It is based on numerical techniques adapted to contact mechanics. Recent developments aim to quantify displacements and stresses of a layered anisotropic elastic half space which is in contact with a rigid sphere. The influence of material properties and layer thickness on the contact problem solution will be more specifically analyzed.

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