The Rayleigh step bearing is considered in one dimensional geometry. It is a well established fact that the roughness has a significant effect on the performance of the hydrodynamic lubrication of a slider bearing. An attempt has been made to study and analyze the effect of transverse roughness in the presence of a magnetic fluid for a Rayleigh step bearing. The bearing surfaces are assumed to be transversely rough. The roughness of the surfaces has been characterized by a random variable with non-zero mean, variance and skewness. The stochastically averaged Reynolds equation is solved with suitable boundary conditions to obtain the pressure distribution in turn, which is used to get the load carrying capacity. The results presented in graphical form indicate that the effect of transverse roughness is significantly adverse. However, this article establishes that there exist sufficient scopes for improving the performance of the bearing system in the case of negatively skewed roughness especially, when negative variance is involved, in spite of the fact that the standard deviation introduces a negative effect. Besides, the performance of the bearing system improves significantly owing to the presence of the magnetic fluid lubricant. The adverse effect of roughness can be minimized by the positive effect of magnetization at least in the case of negatively skewed roughness. Therefore, this investigation offers some measures even from bearing’s life period point of view.

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