Thin hard physical vapour deposited (PVD) coatings are today frequently used in order to improve the tribological performance of forming tools, cutting tools, and machine elements [1]. PVD TiN coating is widely used in high-speed steel cutting tools. Studies on the friction, wear characteristics and failure mechanisms of this coating have shown that it can reduce wear and diminish the failure of components. This coating frequently offers good corrosion protection and surface finish, high wear resistance and low coefficient of friction. On the other hand, PVD DLC (diamond-like carbon) coating provides a low friction and a high sliding wear resistance to enhance the tribological behavior and the durability of running components. DLC is becoming widely used as surface coating for machine components in lubricated systems, especially in the automotive industry. DLC coatings are nowadays frequently used in applications under high stress and/or under boundary or mixed lubrication regime and the range of use for these coatings keep growing rapidly.

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