The PTT-OLROYD-B model for solute-solvent mixtures introduces visco elastic effects by way of five parameters, namely Deborah number De, a viscosity ratio r, a viscosity, a parameter related to the convected derivation and an elongation parameter κ. Asymptotic expansion is used to gain a description of the flow in the thin film situation. Two cases are considered depending of the relative magnitude of the parameters De and κ with respect to the thickness ratio. In the first situation, the elongation effects disappear at the limits and the constitutive law of the film flow is a double Newtonian Rabinowisch model whose parameters are completely described by those of the original 3-D model. In the second case in which the elongation parameter is of order zero with respect of the film thickness ratio, however small, a perturbation procedure allows to retain this parameter in the asymptotic constitutive law. This law appears to be a small modification of the double Newtonian Rabinowisch law. Last a new numerical procedure is proposed. Numerical examples will be presented for 3-D flows.

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