Tribology and solid mechanics are essential when studying engine lubrications. Very reproducible boundary lubrication tests were conducted as part of Design of Experiment software (DOE) to study the behavior of fluorinated mix in developing environmentally friendly (reduced P and S) anti-wear additives for future engine oil formulations using ball on cylinder testing protocol. In this study fully formulated oil and ZDDP plain oils were tested under the protocol of two cycles. A 100 rpm cycle was used for the first 5000 revolutions and a 700 rpm cycle was used until failure or 100000 revolutions whichever comes first. All tests were generated under extreme boundary lubrication (Hertzian contact pressure of 2.72 GPa). Design of Experiment (DOE) with 2 level factorial was used to investigate the failure and wear responses with respect to fluorinated mix interactions in plain and fully formulated oils. The two cycle’s tests indicate better performance than the one cycle test. Findings indicate that the most significant factors, affecting friction and wear are fluorinated mix concentrations together with oil formulation.

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