Carbon nanotubes (CNTs) are the subject of extensive research in nanoelectromechanical devices due to their excellent mechanical and electrical properties. This study focuses on modeling the actuation of a CNT-based nanoswitch. The CNT is simulated as a wire with negligible bending stiffness. The distributed force due to the applied voltage difference between it and the electrode causes the CNT deflect toward the electrode. The 2nd order nonlinear ordinary differential equation (ODE) is first solved by the finite difference method (FDM) with fixed point iteration. However, this result is only found in a portion of the stable domain. The second method algebraically reduces the governing equation to a 1st order ODE. After removing the singularity, a numerical integration method is applied without iteration. This method gives complete results in the stable and unstable domains that coincide with the results by FDM in its convergent range.

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