The tribological properties of a new unique thermo-reversible Gel-Lubricant (TR Gel-Lube) were investigated. TR Gel-Lube which includes 10–40% of amide type gel agent in base fluid, is repeatedly able to change from gel-state to liquid-state at the melting point of its gel agent. High-pressure rheological tests were performed in order to characterize the behavior of base oil and TR Gel-Lube as a function of pressure and temperature. The effect of TR Gel-Lube on ball bearings fatigue life was carried out by systematic tests using thrust ball bearings. The results of L10 life tests of TR Gel-Lube showed a longer life than the conventional greases. This result was investigated from oil film formation. It was found that gel agent played a key role in the lubricating properties. Some mechanisms such as adsorbed film formation and solid like formation are proposed.

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