The static and dynamic properties of tilting-pad journal bearings with controllable radial oil injection are investigated. The tilting pads are modelled as flexible structures and their dynamics are described using a three dimensional finite element framework and linear elasticity. The oil film pressure and flow are considered to follow the modified Reynolds equation, which includes the contribution from controllable radial oil injection. The Reynolds equation is solved using a two dimensional finite element mesh. The rotor is considered to be rigid. The servo-valve flow is governed by a second order ordinary differential equation, where the right hand side is controlled by an electronic input signal. The constitutive flow pressure relationship of the injection nozzles is that of a fully developed laminar velocity profile and the servo-valve is introduced into the system of equations by a volume conservation consideration. The Reynolds equation is linearized with respect to displacements and velocities of the nodal degrees of freedom. When all nodal points satisfy the static equilibrium condition, the system of equations is dynamically perturbed and subsequently condensed to a 2 by 2 system, keeping only the lateral motion of the rotor. As expected, rotor stability is heavily influenced by the control parameters.

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