Tribological thin film coatings can enhance performance in mechanical components such as bearings and gears. Although lubricant is present in most applications, the interactions of the lubricant with coated surfaces are not always well understood. In the present study, Stribeck curves (i.e., traction coefficient vs. dimensionless film thickness Λ) were generated for lubricated rolling contact between coated and uncoated surfaces. Chromium nitride, tungsten carbide reinforced amorphous hydrocarbon, and silicon-incorporated diamond-like carbon coatings are evaluated. A ball-on-flat test configuration is used in a 100% slide-to-roll condition. The test lubricant was a polyalphaolefin containing rust and oxidation inhibitor additives only. Differences in traction performance are observed for different coating types. The traction coefficient decreases at high Λ with increasing hydrocarbon content in the coating. The combination of coating micro-texture and composition are believed to influence traction as A becomes small.

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