Smart material surfaces/interfaces are playing important role in making hybrid nano particulate coated sensors and smart composite structures for applications in space, defense, infrastructure and biological system. The reliability and performance of these coatings on the smart surface depends upon the stability and life of their nano/micro-structures and interface properties. Atomic Force Microscopy is used extensively to study friction, wear and surface forces. In this paper a tool has been developed to have an insight of signals associated with friction and tribo-acoustics. This research aims to develop a combination of tools using High Speed Data Capture tools used in conjunction with the AFM to collect the frictional signal at the frequency of 500 kHz for 500 ms and phase fluctuation processor for study of friction signal. Friction signal from the AFM has poor information on the interfacial material properties like the stick-slip, plastic deformation of the contact surface. Clearer, information can be attained using the phase fluctuation based processor. This method provides friction signal and generation of the tribo-acoustics due to surface plastic deformation with excellent signal to noise ratio.

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