In this study, the adhesion characteristics between stamp and thermoplastic polymer film were studied in order to investigate the effect of process conditions on the adhesion between two materials. Imprint pressure, separation speed and coating of anti-sticking layer (ASL) were considered as the process conditions. A piece of fused silica without patterns on its surface was used as a stamp and the thermoplastic polymer film was made on Si substrate by the spin-coating of commercial polymer solution such as mr-I PMMA and mr-I 7020. The ASL was derived from (1H, 1H, 2H, 2H - perfluorooctyl) trichlorosilane (F13-OTS) and coated on the fused silica stamp in vapor phase. The adhesion force was measured in various process conditions when the polymer film was separated from the stamp. As a result, it is found that the adhesion force was changed according to the polymer materials and the adhesion reduction effect of ASL also appeared differently. In addition, the adhesion force did not depend on the imprint pressure in cases of the stamp coated with ASL while it increased as the imprint pressure increased in cases of the stamp without ASL. The dependency on separation speed appeared stronger in cases without ASL.

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