This presentation will focus on recent developments in the localized characterization of the mechanical properties of Microsystems and MEMS devices and structures. Conventional indentation techniques provide a highly powerful method for measuring the load and depth response of bulk and coated materials, but can also be used to measure the mechanical properties of very small micro-machined silicon structures. Beam structures, such as are used for accelerometers, need to be characterized in terms of the number of cycles to failure, the spring constant or the energy required to bend the beam by a required amount. Such localized testing needs to be adapted to work at various distances from the origin of the beam with a positioning accuracy of less than a micron. Initial studies have proved to be highly repeatable. A variety of examples are presented which cover a range of application areas, including accelerometer beam structures, micro-switches and printer head components. In addition, the localized testing of friction and wear in MEMS devices will be covered with some examples of the technology available and how it may be applied to such small contact areas in an accurate and reproducible way.

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