The paper presents a numerical analysis of the rolling contact between an elastic ellipsoid and an elastic-plastic flat. Numerical simulations have been performed with the help of a contact solver called Plast-Kid®, with an algorithm based on an integral formulation or semi-analytical method. The effects of the ellipticity ratio k — ranging from 1 to 16 — and of the normal load — from 4.2 to 8 GPa — are investigated. The reference simulation corresponds to the rolling of a ceramic ball on a steel plate made of AISI 52100 bearing steel under a load of 5.7 GPa. The results which are presented are first the permanent deformation of the surface, and second the contact pressure distribution, the Von Mises stress field, the hydrostatic pressure and the equivalent plastic strain state within the elastic-plastic body. A comparison with an experimental surface deformation profile is also given to validate the theoretical background and the numerical procedure.

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