The steam generator in the nuclear power plants is a kind of heat exchanger, which is composed of bundles of long and slender pipes. The tubes are supported by anti-vibration bar to reduce the vibration, caused by the water flows for cooling purpose. The wear damage due to this vibration is called as the fretting wear, which should be minimized for the safe operation of plants. The hard coatings are very effective to reduce the amount of wear. In this paper, the coatings of TiN and CrN were deposited on the tube material to protect the fretting surfaces. The tube-on-flat type tester was used for fretting wear tests. The wear amounts of the coated tubes were decreased depending on coating thickness. CrN coating was very effective to reduce the wear. In case of TiN the wear amounts were dependent on the coating thickness. Thick coating of TiN was very effective for wear resistance.

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